Codexus is a global philanthropic network of independent high-level developers representing outstanding knowledge in Java, Python, C#, .NET, Kotlin, AWS, PHP, FileMaker, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps or CI/CD, Spring Boot, Neo4j, Git, Redis, Episerver+, EpiCommerce, SSO/OAuth2 and cryptology, front end, mobile, blockchain, as well as the expertise in cloud-native app development, data engineering and artificial intelligence.


Qualifications for membership.

Logical intelligence (LQ):

Current or previous membership in a high-IQ society.

Emotional intelligence (EQ):

Current or previous charity or non-profit work.

Creative intelligence (CQ):

Two complex self-developed software applications.

Social intelligence (SQ):

Current or previous assignments as a lecturer, teacher or supervisor.

Anyone who meets the conditions, regardless of gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity, is welcome as member.


The idea to start a network of like-minded professionals arose among a group of Swedish system developers in the university city of Uppsala in the early 80's. After a continuously increased interest, we structured the ideas in 2017 and in 2021 we adopted the official name Codexus. On December 31, 2023, we were 445 members spread across 28 countries. The Swedish software engineer Thor-Björn Bergman has been code leader in Codexus since 2021.


Interested in membership?

Tell us briefly about yourself and send in your expression of interest.

We will return a link to our official membership application if you seem to meet the criteria for membership.

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